Our family fell in love with English Setters 23 years ago. I and my sister, we bought Nádasjáró Dáriusz in a Christmas fair who sadly left us very soon. Later on I and my husband, we bought a very nice liver belton female, Ariel, whom to our great regret we lost at age of 11 months because of a bus accident. When buying another puppy we tried to ease our grief. Fruzsi (Quick Hunter Frida 1992 - 2009) lived two years with us, then she was taken care by my sister due to our changing residence. Due to the love and care my sister granted to her, she was one of the setters having the longest life, 17 years.

In spring 2008 we decided to make our daughter’s – Réka – dream true and to have a new family member. As we did not take part of the dog life for a few years, we visited the Budapest CACIB show to have a look around. There we noticed Macho and our family decided unanimously to buy a puppy out of him. We were lucky enough to be informed that a litter sired by him was due to be born in the Marisett kennel out of Jaga x Macho litter. The puppies were born on the 20th May 2008 in Warsaw. We selected „Sucka4” based on the photos taken at age of 4 weeks of the puppies whom we called Magnolia later on . My husband cut all trees out in our garden that spring, except one, a Magnolia. We do believe in signs and our mind was made up: Magnolia Marisett arrived in Fót to the family Nagy on the 19th July 2008. We have been mutually educating each other since that day.